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Monday, September 11, 2017

Still ahead of Irma!! :-)

Spending the night in the Sherwin Williams parking lot!!

I've made it into "the Yankee lands"!!  Heheheh   Spending the night in Bedford, IN...and it was a good day's drive!  I think I'm about 382 miles out of Lake Isabella, MI. So will get within 120 mi of destination tomorrow, and make the rest of the run in on Wednesday.

Still watching the weather, and from the looks of it, I will make it to MI before the rains get there...or here!! But the winds are getting here first! It has gotten quite "breezy" here and on the road this afternoon!

Entering IN from Owensburg, KY...I almost missed it!!  I did miss the TN & Ga signs on the way up!!  But I have now been able to add three more states to my decal on Europa...up to 10 states since getting her on 1/31/2017!

Stay tuned...more pics and travels coming in the next few weeks!!

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