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Monday, September 4, 2017

Gas Prices Dropping...Time to Roll!

I drove around Gadsden again the other day and stopped by the "new" river walk that they completed since the last time I was in town. It is on the east side of the river downtown and they did a really nice job with it. They put in some really nice "sitting areas" and the walk-ways are very well done. 

I've been watching the gas prices also the past few days. And during the past week, locally prices went from about $2.10 to as high as $2.49/gallon. And the run up to MI jumped over $40!  But this morning I got to looking at the prices and they have come down enough that the run is right now only about $23 more than a week ago. Sooo...that means that I will be heading out in the morning for MI. 

It's been a good stay here, but I have been here for a week longer than I had expected. So it is time to roll.  I'm going to just make a straight run up to MI. That way I'll be able to visit for 3-4 days, then back on the road to WI.

Today will be final packing/setup for travel. Have one thing to try to seal up well, base of the TV antenna on roof, then give Europa a bath, check air pressures & fluid levels, get rack mounted on Sidekick and set up for the road...then make sure that everything is put up so I'm not listening to things hit the floor while I'm driving!!  LOL!

So my next update should be from on the road!

C'ya out there!!

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