Monday, September 18, 2017

A Really Nice Campground & Park w/Lake!!

 Cold Water Family Park & Lake was a really nice spot, especially when you consider that it is a county park! I was very surprised at just how nice it really was.
 The lake was gorgeous, especially in the early morning hours before the boats hit the water! And there were some really large fish popping the top feeding. But just so peaceful!
 I think what really surprised me were the amount of private homes all along the shore and how quiet it still was! There are some really BIG homes on the other shores...and I was surprised to see the size of some of the boats. But it is a fairly large lake, so they actually fit pretty well. There were a bunch of pontoon boats on the lake as well. 
 The area around the lake in the park area was just superb! It was very well kept up and really clean. Even though the place is just barely out of the city limits, you had the feel that you were off in the woods! The walking paths were either well kept gravel/dirt with wooden steps built into the paths, or they were concrete. Just a great job!
 And everywhere you walked, you could almost always see the lake thru the trees and bushes. I didn't get a good pic of it, but there was also a very nice beach in the park area. Quite a large, wide, sandy beach area! No ocean noise, but still just so nice!
 And the colors are already changing over to the fall season! They are just now making the change here. But the speed of the change is just amazing. Another week or so and it seems that they will really be blazing!
I'm all packed up and ready to roll tomorrow. Have my 20+ days of clean clothes done...empty tanks...full water tanks...and as you can tell, Abbie is ready to roll!!  LOL!  I finally figured out a way to keep her from laying all against my screen!!!  Heheheheh!

Stay tuned for more from the road with Frog, Abbie & Snickers!!


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