Thursday, September 14, 2017

Finally!....In MI!!

I have made it into MI!  I started the night last night at the Menards in Ionia, MI...and ended up in at the Wally World across the street! They had the parking lot sweeper coming at Menards...hmmmm...think it was just a "polite way" to tell me I couldn't stay there all night!  LOL!  But spent a quiet night at Wally World.

 My favorite groc store is also right here!! ALDI! And this was the nicest one I've ever been in! It was just great! If you've not shopped ALDI, and have one close, you need to try them!!

It was a nice drive yesterday. Being on the back roads is so much more pleasant than on the Interstate Highways! And since Europa looks like she has a bit of age on her, and Sidekick is definitely not new, and carrying my propane & gas cans on a rack on Sidekick...and my "slow moving equipment" reflector on the back of Sidekick...I haven't been flipped off once yet!!!  LOL!  And yesterday I was driving thru small, old towns and LOTS of corn/maize/soy fields!!

And I do love seeing all the old courthouses! They are awesome!

Woke up this morning and talk about fog!  It was a pea-soup fog...kinda like we get down in AL! I mean really thick. When you walk outside and can feel it on you face...that is a fog!!  Took Abbie out at is over 2 hours later...and it is still pretty doggone thick!  I had planned on being on the road by now, but I'm not getting out of this parking lot until I can see at least a 1/2 mile...would feel better if it gets to a mile!

I am very pleased with my BP this last night! Being on the road is very agreeable with my physical well being!!  LOL!!  Being back on my regimen is ver good for my "physical well-being"!

I'm still a bit cramped inside the house...but as I get pics scanned and get rid of a few more things...and re-pack/box more of the things that I will be get better with each passing week. I would say "each passing day", but that would be a non-truth!!  Heheheheheh   But by the time I finish this circuit, I do believe that I will be in pretty good shape when it comes to room inside the house and what I've decided to keep.

Well, it's 0905 ET, and the sun is trying to cut thru the fog...not having a lot of success yet, but it's trying!  I'm about 60 miles from Brad's once I finally get rolling, should be there by lunch!  And then going camping with them & a couple of their friends for a couple of nights. It will be a great visit...have not seen them in almost 4 years!!! How fast time passes by!!

Keep tuning in...C'ya out here!!!

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