Tuesday, November 29, 2016

North/South Commute!!

And why do I "commute" North/South seasonally??  LOL!

Well, just look at the weather forcast shots here! As I always tell folks, my optimum temperature range is 47-60 degrees....and these two weather screenshots are a very good example of why I "commute" North & South seasonally!
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It looks like I should be back at work doing the security gig within a week, so plan "A" is about to begin...to be able to get into "Bertha II" in the next 2-4 months! Bertha has given her all for the past 2 1/2 years...gotten me to Idaho twice...and back to Texas! Along with some side tripping also! But after 41 years...it is time for her to be able to relax in the pasture of retired RV's!

So think good thoughts, say a quick prayer...the next Bertha will be my "tiny house" for the foreseeable future!

Stick around for this continuing saga!!

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