Saturday, November 26, 2016

Made It!

Bertha got me to Texas....kinda just barely!  LOL!  She had a tough couple of last days on the road, but she made it!

I'm at the kids here and parked and now comes the ...."do I work or just sit"!?!?!?  I've got to get "Bertha II" before I can do any more traveling.  Bertha has done me well since I had to move into her. But her age is showing and I'm no longer really into "projects" as large as she if becoming.So time will tell time, as in the next couple of weeks,  just what my next move will be.

But it is nice to be back where the "lo"is 50 and the "hi" is 70!  My kind of weather! I'm back into shorts again so I'm happy!  LOL!

Just wanted to bring you guys up to speed with my travels and I'll get back on here soon as I know what directions I wll be headed in the next weeks/months!

Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day and you're getting ready for Christmas!

C'ya soon!

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