Friday, November 11, 2016

Working on Heading South!

Hi gang!  It has been a little while since my last update...sorry!!  But I've been kinda occupied getting ready to head south and follow the "warmer" weather.
I think I had mentioned that I was getting the charging fixed on Bertha. Well, it is fixed and she is running pretty well for a 40 year old RV!  Battery is charging, cranks every time, and is doing a good job!
I headed south on the 5th, and all has gone well. I'm still in Idaho, close to being out of Idaho! But had a little hiccup in plans...still getting used to being on a "fixed income"...and when some things come along that were not planned.....OR....when something comes along that you've forgotten about, thinking that it had reached the sometimes have to modify your plans!!!  LOL!!!  Well, that's me!
So, I've been camped out for the past few days, and will be camped out for the next 3-4 days. I'll be rolling hard towards Tx on the 16th. And should be in Tx around the 21st or 22nd.

Had a great visit in Challis. Met a lot of great folks that became friends, and I'm looking forward to seeing them again next year when I get back up to this part of the country.

Ernie and Sally, the couple that opened up part of their yard for me to park in, are a really sweet and just plain great couple! Ernie was my guide to see some of the area that after 2 years of camp hosting I had still not been able to go and see!

Now, granted, this time of year, a lot of places are already closed up for the winter months...but you can still see them and have an idea of where and what you will do next time through!

We made a run up to and through Bayhorse Ghost town, which is now operated by the Forest Service. But it is very well done, has good parking and quite a bit to see.

From there we traveled on over to Bonanza & Custer Ghost Towns, with a stop at the old gold dredge that is between them. The dredge is now a museum that is open during the summer months (another place that I will have to get to next season) for visitors.


Ernie has been up here long enough that he has a pretty good grip on the area and places to see...and he does love going out into the countryside and getting into those places!


And it is really fun when he looks up a road on a hillside and then says...."you think we can make it up there?"  My response was " You know your truck...and as long as I don't have to walk out...have at it!!!"  LOL!

And due to him knowing the area pretty well, there are some fantastic views to be seen!
Now you also know you are out in the country when, as you drive around in Challis, you see "the city deer"! The deer are all over that town! And they are just as comfortable being in your front yard as they are being at the main highway intersection downtown!
And the wildlife out here is just everywhere! From the deer to the antelope to the big horn sheep.

Didn't get a picture, was too late, but one night I even saw a cougar wandering through the trailer park where I was parked.

That pretty well catches me up on what's current with, as one of my new friends calls me, "the transient local"!!

And as soon as my "budget" catches up with me I'll be rolling along south and getting a couple of more updates ready for you....both still shots and I'll also have more video uploaded in the next couple of weeks!
It looks like a mess...but it really isn't...just have to stack and balance in order to get all my stuff in reach to be able to work on my projects!!
I've also had time to "purge" more stuff from out of Bertha! It is amazing when you make the decision to "lighten the load" and simplify...just how much stuff you have that you really never use! It is almost a spiritual feeling to get it gone!!!  LOL!

Take care and be safe!!  C'ya!!!  :-)

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