Tuesday, April 7, 2015

On The Road Again.....Kinda!! LOL

We (Abbie, Snickers & myself) are at Tiffany & Cary's. Had a pleasant drive up here from San Antonio, got settled in here and here we sit!  LOL  Waiting on another job to come open....or something to do. But it is nice to be able to sleep nights and relax.

It has been nice to just not really have any particular schedule. And the timing for my time off has been very good!  Because just a couple of days after I got here Tabitha and the kids were able to come out and visit for a few days. And it was so good to get to see them...and the newest addition to the herd!! Olivia! It was the first time that I had gotten to see my newest grandchild. And it was good!

Cary has been a big help with Bertha. While he was home of his off time he helped me to get a couple of things done on Bertha....we (he!) fixed my step that had almost been ripped off at the San Antonio site. 

Got it bent back into position/shape and he rewelded it to the frame....and now I have my step back without having to hang on to the house or put a wood block under it to keep it up. :-)  AND...then he was a major help in getting the air conditioner working again!  I believe it is the original unit...and it hadn't worked since I got Bertha, and it had never worked for the previous owner....and Cary was able to get the fan motor realigned and believe it or not,it is blowing COLD air!  YES!!!  I will survive August much better this year!  It is a closed system, meaning it can't be recharged with coolant, but it is still cooling just fine! Not bad for about a 37 year old unit!!

The girls and I made a run to Vale, AZ to pick up a Suzuki Samari for Cary. Had a chance to make a few stops...one of which was at the Rest Area outside Las Cruces, NM.  And there is a nice Rest Area outside Monahans, TX.  Cary found the truck on Craig's List, and it is in amazing condition. He had one as his first vehicle and when this one was found, it needed to be gotten for the price. It will be a great toy, and it will give him something that he can drive 

to the oil fields and back without
having to worry about whether he will get out there on time and not have to rely on someone else to get to the job. We loaded it up on the dolly and dragged it back. And it went real well!

I will be headed out to Alabama on Sunday to get some vehicle tags taken care of and go thru stuff that I have at the house to see what I want to keep and what needs to go away!  Some stuff will come back with me to keep with me in Bertha, some will go into storage....and the vast majority will be going away!!

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