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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Next Address will be about 3 weeks!

Well, I will be headed for Sunny Gulch Campground, Stanley, ID in about a week...and when I get there I will be there until the end of September!! And I just can't wait!!,-114.908325,1325m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x54a8f9d21ffd1539:0xc46e3e4e389e81b1

That is the link for Google Maps for the campground....and you need to take a look at it!  It is just down right gorgeous! The views are fabulous, I think my spot is next to the large building right inside the entrance...and I will be about 80 yards from the river....I can't wait!

In the meantime, I have been getting Bertha ready for the long haul up there. From here in NRH it is about 1,562 miles to the campground. And I plan on taking about 10 days getting there! I am going to just chill out and ease down (up) the road to ID....and if I make it 250 miles in a day or just 50....oh well!!...when I find a spot that I want to stop at for the night, I shall stop! Can't wait!

In the past two weeks I have been able to get the generator out of Bertha, sorted thru more of the stuff that I don't need and removed it from the house....and after my run to Alabama, I had even more stuff to sort thru and decide what to keep....and I have a ton of pictures to go thru to sort out for me and the kids.  

I've remounted the TV so that it is solidly in place and at the correct angle to view it well. 

Re-worked my storage area over the front of the house so that I have almost got all my things stored and in a to just get used to always putting things back up where they belong every time I use them!!  LOL

The "storage area" where the old generator was is now a storage area...and one that has been sorely needed!  I'm going to get a lock hasp for it and close it up completely and that is where my jack, crate of oil/coolant/grease, couple of tool boxes, etc will be put.  Hopefully I will get that done tomorrow, because when that is done, I will be able to move Snickers' liter box up to the front, and it will be hidden except when I'm driving. It will them leave the entire floor of the house open for travel....and the toilet area will be completely available for me to get in and out of without having to move the box around! the little things can be so great!!

The kitchen area has come right along also. I actually have counter space now and can use both sinks!  Everything "does" have a home....more or less!  Their homes keep changing at times. I am working on getting my groceries and supplies set up and "counted" out so that I will have food and needs to cover 4+ months on site! The closest real towns will be 95+ miles away and over at least one mountain in each I will not be making any runs into town for supplies once I get set up there! So I am having to think in 4 months of meals instead of 2 weeks of meals, which is what I am used to, so planning out what I will need has been an interesting task! I have gotten more and more settled into Bertha, and it has become more and more "home"....I am finally getting around to "decorating" her up like the apartment that she has become! And it is really starting to feel like home!

   I do like having pictures up on the walls...and little "trinkets" on the wall that keep my favorite people in the front of my mind and thoughts! 
  There are still some areas of 
the house that need to have a "little" more work on them!  LOL  As in I still have to finish getting my files and paperwork things sorted and filed, but this too shall be taken care of before much longer!

  But I also have taken care of some of the necessities of life! As in the tv for entertainment, drawers and file boxes for storage...look closely in the right corner and you can see Snickers' little corner hiding place (and she actually spends quite a bit of time in & on it), and there is also storage directly behind the television. So I am getting things straightened out....just takes time to rearrange your life to live in a small space like this...and I love it!!!

I guess that pretty well catches things up...8 more days (plus or minus) and I will be headed north for the summer! And nightly temps there are still dropping below 32*, and daily temps are hitting mid-40's to high 50's....I can't wait!!

Stay tuned for more of the continuing saga of "Navigating towards Retirement"!!

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