Saturday, April 18, 2015

Back in Texas! And storms rolling through!

Made it back to Texas with no problems!  And believe it or not, I actually accomplished everything that I had on my list to get done!! I was shocked!  Maybe I'm getting a little better with age of accomplishing tasks!!  It's only taken about 50 years to get there!!  LOL

I got my driver's license renewed (so I'm legal again!), the tags for Bertha updated, ordered a duplicate title for the rPod, spent time with the grandkids almost every evening (and got up and did the morning routine with them!!), and got at least 90-95% of the front room done at the E.G. house!!

Thanks to Tera for letting me use her little roller skate for the trip! It did great and the ride over and back was uneventful....and it has made me consider a Mazada2 for a vehicle! It really handled the run well. And I was comfortable during the drive. Of course...the only drawback is that as with all little cars....I get to "fall in" and have to "climb up & out" of it each time!  I still prefer climbing into and falling out of a vehicle!!  LOL!

Right now I'm watching a very strong line of storms pass thru the area...high wind, heavy rain, some hail in spots, possible hook signals on radar (tornado possibles)....and the winds are hitting up to 50mph!  And lots of lightening and thunder!!!  Fabulous weather!!!  Heheheh!

I have put up about half of the stuff that I brought back from AL. And almost have Bertha straightened up and cleaned up again!  Doing clothes tonight and tomorrow, cleaning up and putting up things. I have gotten rid of a ton of stuff...and I actually have storage room left over in Bertha. Still have to get my curtains done for the living room windows, and build my curtain rod setup for the overhead storage area. Trying to decide on just how/what I will use for curtains up there. 

I'm "house sitting" this weekend for the kids....which means....I'm watching over the pooches, cat, chickens....and thanks to the rains....I don't have a lot to worry about with the plants!!!  YES!!!  I do not have much of a green thumb!!  LOL!

I still have a few things to work on with Bertha....checking out the waste dump lines, checking out the propane issue (seeing if it holds well and hopefully my stove top/oven will be working. I still have not really decided if I want to try to use the water heater or furnace....just not too sure that I want to trust 38+ year old items like that! But we shall see.

That about brings us up to date and current with the continuing saga of The Frog and my "Navigating Towards Retirement"!

Have a good rest of the weekend and more to come next week!  :-)

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