Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"Tis the Season.....SO?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!

Last night was a quiet night. As they all are basically!  :-)   I had a transient pass through last night...first one since I have been here. He was very polite, very quiet and appears to be very needy. He is carrying an Army type duffle bag, and is fairly well warmly dressed. He walked up to me as I was sitting in the car. He asked me if there might be a portapot on site that he could use. A split second decision and I told him how to get to ours on site. I very quietly drove around and kept an eye on him, and he went straight in the way I told him, made his visit and headed straight out the same way. I really had a feeling of sadness for him....asked him when the last time he had a warm meal, he didn't really answer.....didn't need to, because from his looks, it had been a while. And the reason I feel so sure of this happening with him is that I gave him several dollars (what I had in my wallet), and I got a very simple thank you, no over the top reaction, a very reserved reaction and very muted emotional response (he had a tough time looking me in the eye).

And being the time of the year that it is, I spent the rest of the night thinking about the "luck" that I have had over the years. I have 5 beautiful kids.....soon to be 6 grand grandkids......having been blessed with the amount of travel I've done over the years that most folks want to do & by the time they "retire" they're not able to do......all the folks that I have had the opportunity to meet and grow to know......and the overall good health I've had (in spite of my working hard to not have it!!).....I've had a very full life and in actuality....a very fulfilling life.

As I've already mentioned....I have a lot of time to ponder, think, "philosophize" each day now....and the more I do it, the more that this life I've led stands out to me....and the grand things that I have gotten to do. As of now, I'm living the life I (even though I'm stationary for a few months)....fixing up a "tiny house" on 6 wheels....the lifestyle I love! I don't know of too many folks that can truly say that they are satisfied with where they are in life at this moment.  I really can say it and mean it....still have things I want to do and see.....and if it is in the overall scheme of things, I will get to see and do those things before my number rolls up!

There's probably more that I want to add to this....but it is still in the thinking stage....or the lack of sleep I'll just have to sleep on it!!  LOL

Have a great day!!

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