Saturday, December 27, 2014

The End of the Year Cometh!!!

Well....the end of the year is getting closer....nothing on but Bowl games and only a couple of them that I can get on tv....can watch a couple of them online, but that can be a hassle.  Oh well....looking forward to next season, already?  LOL  But this is an annual thing that I have gotten used to over the years!!  Heheheh! I've learned how to handle the withdrawals!!

Things here have been pretty doggone quiet. The weather has been all over the board and my sinuses are paying the price! We are having shifts of 30 plus degrees on a daily basis. Last night the temp at 10pm was 6 this morning it was 50....and by 5 tonight is supposed to be 40....yee-hawww!! In the low 70's by Monday, then by next Thursday it will be back in the upper 40's with lows in the 30's and rain!!! Yippeeeee!!!!  The cold front passed thru here about 5:30am this morning and the wind came with it.  Bertha is rocking from side to side now....have a steady 11-15mph wind, with gusts up to 33+. Overcast and drizzly!  Love it!!  :-P

According to Mark (one of the supvrs) here, they are supposed to get rid of the generator Monday, and drop a line to the trailer. And the leasing gals and the other "office" personnel for the apartment complex are supposed to start working out of the Clubhouse and offices there doing showings of apartments and signing leases that are effective as of Jan 15 for about 40 or so apartments. They are going to drop a hard line for power to the trailer, so I will be plugging into the trailer for power. Plus I am going to move Bertha and "parallel park" her next to the curb. It will put me closer to the trlr so I hopefully will not have to buy any more extension cord. And I'm going to get a couple of cones and block out a spot for Mark to park between me and the trlr, and cone out my parking spot in front of Bertha.

Plus, when this months rental contract is up on the car, I am not renewing it. I'll just do a weekend special rental every payday weekend and stock up for the two weeks....and start walking more here and using my little stool!!  :-)  I just noticed day before yesterday that if I wouldn't lace up my shoe on my right foot it doesn't hurt nearly as much to walk, and I need to do more walking so that I can keep the swelling down in my right leg better. And the ankle is doing better, but the bottom of the foot on the heel is still very tender, feels like the heel bone is dropped down to just under the skin. Maybe by this time next year I'll be closer to normal!  LOL

I'm very pleased with the new draws less than a third of the little frig and keeps things very cold set just below the "medium" setting...I love it!

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