Sunday, December 14, 2014

Now why isn't this on National News?!?!?

I have just seen this on the local Sunday morning news here in San Antonio. Now maybe I have too much time to think and consider things now with my new work and in my current state of "practicing for retirement", but I am actually watching more news now, until I reach of point of disgust and turn it off, but I keep coming back to my thought pattern of where our current society is and just how far are we going to have to drop in common sense before we wake up!

I still don't hold a lot of hope for society as a whole unless something wakes up the masses ( I still prefer "the herd" as a better description) to the fact that we have gotten way off course when it comes to how "a village" has to operate in order the said society to survive.

Here is what I sent my kids on HangOuts, and I think all that read this blog should look at this very many times!!

Now why the hell doesn't something like this make the national news instead of the bullshit that is going on with all the coverage of the "protestors"?????? Grandmother caught stealing eggs thankful for off…:

Take the 3 minutes to watch this news report out of I believe either Huntville or Birmingham, AL and see what I am talking about.

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