Monday, December 22, 2014

Just a Little Catch up from SA.

I've been working on Bertha again some to try to get the storage figured out. And cleaning up some more....Still have a ways to go!  But each week I throw out a more stuff that I have no idea when the last time I used it was. So I'm actually coming up with more storage room than I currently need.

As you can tell from the picture below, I have "neighbors" that lead a rather colored life!!  The good thing is that the wind seems to always be blowing from my direction towards them!  And they seem to never really smell now since the heat of summer has passed by!!!  Thank Goodness!!!  

I just had to throw in these two short little just never know when you will be having to work late!  The concrete finishers had finished their work for the day/week and needed to get their polishers down from the second floor so that they can go home.  Had to bring James back to the job site so that he could get one of the lifts and help them get down with the machines.

I did my grocery shopping yesterday, and Abbie had a spa day...and I noticed something.....there are almost no Christmas decorations in the stores out here. And I mean no decorations. Apparently most of the stores are not allowing anything that does not "promote the brand"....or might be "misconstrued" that they were favoring one group over another!  So I'm about done with getting out for anything the rest of this week and probably not getting out next week either!

Yesterday was also Spa Day for Abbie...and Ericka just did her up with bows again...and they lasted about 2 minutes once I put her in the dar...she does not like having anything on her head...much less rubberbands in her hair!  LOL

Now for really good news....gas just keeps dropping here!  This is what I paid yesterday when I topped off!  It does make my gas budget go a lot further each week!!

Then yesterday evening I decided to finally try to see how well my little egg cooker would cook scrambled eggs....andthey come out like a souffle!!  And quite good!!!

And it is such a consistency that it "cubes" up just great to make a burrito with it....and it really tasted good!

And to end this installment on a Merry Christmas note.....just look what just now has been delivered to me!!!  From the boss!! And unless I'm not remembering correctly....this is the company that sells out of their turkeys every season, in fact, you have to order well in advance to be able to get one of them!!!  And I now have a 9 lb turkey to debone and bag and hopefully have room to keep it for a few days!!!!!!!


So....Just in case I don't get back on here before the 25th of December......




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