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Friday, August 22, 2014

Quiet Friday!

A fairly decent panoramic shot of where I'm parking every day. I have me "parking spots" all measured out & Bertha is 95% shaded most of the time I'm here.  Today has been quite pleasant in comparison to the past 4-5 days. Will be pushing 100° again, but the humidity is down quite a bit & there seems to be a breeze about 75% of the time.

The one good thing about being able to park here is I'm not having to run my generator at all hardly. Right now I'm having to crank it up to charge my batteries about twice alternator is going bad, so until check day I just make sure I have the battery charger set up each time I crank the generator and I just keep mudding along until I can replace it sometime next week. Kind of a bother...but it works!  :-)
As you can tell in the picture,  I leave my crutch as much as I can get away with now, but any "long" walking (as in over 50') I have to use it...but my leg & foot are doing remarkably better. Maybe by the first of the year I might be back to normal for me! Still trying to figure out what normal for me is!

Saw this old Ford come driving by a couple of days ago, thought it was really nice. Since then I've seen it several is almost like it is his daily driver. And when I got close to it finally I realized that the gentleman driving it looked like he might have bought it new!   LOL

Abbie is getting used to this style of being on the road...finally!  But this weather is hell when you're small, black with lots of coat!  But she is surviving very well. She still goes separation anxiety whenever I leave her in the house and go do something. But she's getting better about that also.

And I am finally getting good use out of my chair that I've been hauling around for these past 4 years! My beige "director's" chair with the side table. It is so comfortable & perfect for sitting out here in "the woods"! LOL. ;-)

That about covers it for today...think I'll eat a little something and then get ready for tonight. Speaking of eating...I'm down to 249 lbs! Amazing how thus heat/humidity and walking with a crutch will take it off of you! That is a total of 42 pounds in 4.5 months. Not bad! It has brought my blood pressure down to basically normal range also!  Of course, my Thrive & ASEA have helped a lot also.  ;-)

Have a good day, everyone.....and I'll add another note tomorrow.  C'ya!

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