Monday, June 9, 2014

Rain, Rain, Rain!

Still in Tye/Abilene area & boy have they gotten some rain in the past 3 days! I'm sitting in the "driver's lounge" at Bruckner in Tye....they're replacing the oil filter mount on Bertha. Looks like I'll be here until this afternoon sometime. But I think this will take care of most all that has been wrong with Bertha for a while....hopefully!  Now to get a run in the direction of Al so I can drop in on the kids for a day or two.  :-)

If all goes well I'll have a couple of pics this evening of the sleeper...I have about all the storage figured out, so it should look pretty good by then. At least the floor will be completely cleared and my "partial" wood floor will have a rug on it.  :-)  Should be pretty good!

I dropped in on Best Buy here and just looked around....but in the appliance section I found a quesadilla cooker....and it really works very well.  So my diet continues to get better! I've actually lost 5+ pounds.  :-p

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