Friday, June 6, 2014

CA was still the pits!

Have just spent 2 glorious days in CA....and will be headed out in about 4 hours!  Thank goodness!  The roads here are the pits...still!   One for one & all for themselves!  It is probably not quite that bad, but it seems that way when you are driving the roads out here.  And the majority of them are so rough that you can loose ideas!

I loaded up Thurs evening with "bee food"!  That's is high protein & vitamin food for honey bees!  And the gentleman where I loaded up is a bee person....or maybe should be called a bee herder?!?!  :-)  I just thought it was neat.

Anyway, I will be headed for Huxley, SD. Should be there by Sunday afternoon. Haven't been in SD in a  couple of years. Should be interesting to see just how much it hasn't changed.  ;-)

But I will be rolling out of here by 0400 so I won't have to deal with Sacramento rush hour! So lack of sleep and excess caffeine.....and just plain old stubbornness.....and I'll be on the roll to the plains!

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