Saturday, June 7, 2014

800 Days....Thank God!!!

 I Love It.....when I stumble upon another "old time RV lover"!!!! This little jewel was in the parking lot at Home Depot in Abilene. It is a 1972 model that the guy is totally reworking on the interior...and I mean totally! He has basically almost stripped it down to the shell and is working his way out...wiring and plumbing and all!! All of which, of course, makes me want to take a little more time each month and work on my little jewel!!!  Have my list of what all I need to get I just have to take the time each month to get it all done by 08/18/2016!!!  Heheheheheh   ;-)

I don't remember is I already put this pic in the blog yet, but this was my last load....light poles from MN to TX...all 9,709 pounds!!  I love those heavy loads!!  LOL 
There was nothing basically moving Friday, unless I wanted to drive all the way to the fields out west then double back to Abilene....and I was really not in a very good mood on Friday, so I said to hell with it....I got 8 new tires put on the trailer, then I dead headed to Abilene. I have an appointment monday morning to have the filter mounting block on my engine replaced and have the A/C looked at.  So I am just chilling this weekend. I've not done a lot today but watch the Belmont stakes, now watching the Stanley Cup game #2, added a smooth board to the floor to make it easier on my feet, and changed out the air filters for the cab and sleeper. When it cools down this evening I'll work on splinting my cell phone amp antenna better. Tomorrow morning early start working on the TV antenna I want to mount and the work lights on back of the sleeper. Abbie has a spa appointment at 8am at PetSmart in the morning.

Just a little over 2 months and FOOTBALL SEASON will here again!!!!!  YES!!!  Heheheheheh   ;-P

I'm parked in front of the Abilene Hastings store right now...going to go in and have a look around in a little while, then park myself in the cafe for a while and use their wifi to download a couple of map updates and just relax for a while...if I can in a cafe....depends on the amount of people and noise...we shall see!!!

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