Friday, November 1, 2013

1,020 Days! heheheh

Still on the road....and still love what I do!  But it is still a challenge at times.

Take the run that I just finished. I loaded out from Houston yesterday morning and it was raining like a monsoon!  Apparently from midnight to 7am Houston received over 3 inches on rain!  It was unreal...and the sad part is that I was in it from Houston to Theodore, AL!
It made for a very long day of driving. Each time that I stopped for a break, it would "run" on ahead of me...and then I would get rolling again and catch back up to it!  LOL   I got tired of liquid sunshine!

But, at least the load was an easy load....I had onboard 10 buoys for oil recovery work in the Gulf. I like easy loads like this.... did let me see another example of bureaucratic redundancy that permeates every level, it seems, in both gov't and corporate structure!  The warehouse should probably have been manned by 2 guys to do the job.  But.....I had one guide me in and "guide" the big forklift....
Then,once the major job of lifting off one of the buoys from the trailer, the large lift "maneuvered" around the rear of my rig, and set the buoy that a smaller "reach" type lift could pick it up and move it to the storage area.....
and as you can basically tell from the pictures...we're talking about a movement of about 55 had 2 lift drivers, 2 "guides", an overseer, a foreman and a supervisor in the warehouse to make sure that the unloading was expeditious and VERY safe!  They had their morning safety meeting an hour late and I got to listen in.....if I had to be told what they were told I think I would have to run over my own foot!  Good Golly Miss Molly...where has personal responsibility  and  common sense run off to!?!?!?!

The load that I'm under right now is the blue and gray containers that are in the middle of the pic.  I love loads like this...6 chains and I'm rolling down the road....of course, where I loaded was a huge project that was doing pipe for the underwater, equipment, vehicles, material piles all over the place. Needless to say, it took me about 20 minutes to get turned around and out of there...took 2 minutes to get into the area!  LOL
And for the first time in quite a few years I am actually decorating for Christmas!  I will be adding a few lights to the grill next week and to the inside of the truck. 

So, I am just chilling out this evening and will be resting this weekend, to be able to have a full log.  I'll be in Conroe, TX Monday, from there...who knows...just another day!!  Heheheheh

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