Friday, November 8, 2013

Nice Drive!

I've gone from Houston, TX  to Theodore, AL to Chattanooga, TN  to Hays, KS.  And the drive yesterday and today was just about perfect....if you leave out the 25-30mph wind with gusts up to 51mph!  LOL  When you have to keep the wheel turned like this, you know it's blowing!
Welcome to the midwest of the US!  It really was a gorgeous day looking at it...clear skies, 55-60 degrees, everything green, still!  And then the wind started....and boy did it start!  Was coming out of the SE and headed for the NE....another words....from left to right across the highway!  It made the day quite interesting.

I made it to my drop right when I said I'd be there....3pm. Another garden spot in the oilfields, LOL!

 Got unloaded and figured I would be sitting all weekend....but Erin worked her usual magic and I have a load out of the Kansas City area to Colorado, loading Sunday and delivering.....when I can get someone to meet me there!  LOL  A load of hay!! tarp!!!!!   YES!!!

Decided to spend the night next to the Wally here in Hays.  They are like a lot of the Wallys now...don't really want trucks in the parking lots.  But there is a deadend street next to the store where I am backed up into a field for the night.  Peaceful traffic at all!  

Tomorrow I'll head for my pick in the morning, stop and get fuel on the way...or maybe on the way out.  But there is a PetCo on the way, so Abbie gets a spa day....she is overdue for one!  And, today she decided that running thru a muddy spot looked like she will be sleeping on the floor tonight and will have a shampoo tomorrow!  (Update.....the PetCo in Topeka doesn't have grooming?!?!?!?!  That is wierd!!!  So she will get a dry bath tomorrow with the waterless shampoo that I got for her )
But you still get to see some nice vehicles while out here.

And while she is getting all spiffied up, I'll go do my grocery shopping for the next two weeks and maybe get my hair removed!  heheh  Need some supplies, little food, check the DVDs for anything new that I might like, need a couple of pair of pants.

Tomorrow or Sunday or Monday I'll add some pics of the past week and this weekend (DONE ) ....and the changes that I am going to be doing to the truck this weekend so you will have an idea of just what my nomadic life is like.  I like it....will like it even better when I finally get my act together and get things all set up the way I want them and everything is in its place and it really feels like a "house". It's getting closer each week, but trying to get it done while making runs is quite a challenge, because I still have to sleep sometime.....and having clean clothes is always a challenge....but we're getting there, slowly but surely!!

I took this pic yesterday of the cost of regular out is 2 cents lower this morning!!!

All I can end this installment with is......1,013 days to go!! And Abbie and I will be in the our little motorhome traveling at our own pace!!!  CAN'T WAIT!!!  :)

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