Saturday, November 9, 2013

Found CBS...FOOTBALL Tonight!!

I moved from Wally to Home I have a very good connection for the CBS station....So I won't be moving for several hours now....I'm watching A&M right now, and I will be watching Bama this evening!  It is amazing how a little move will make a massive difference with this digital over the air tv signals. 

And I just opened up this Toughbook a few minutes ago and I'll add pics later. Somehow I knocked it over or the vibrations from the APU made it fall over and it landed infront of the heater vent for the sleeper area....which is a Wambosco (or something like that) heater. It runs off diesel fumes basically is gets pretty warm....well....let's say it gets real damn hot!!!! 

13 of the buttons are melted, shriveled, re-molded....use whatever description you would like, and are laying on my table now!  The little button points still work, and all the keys still work....the keyboard is functioning just like new...with the exception of the missing keys!  LOL   :)   I am glad that I have a replacement laptop with me if needed and have another Toughbook coming....I will have to get thru the house after CO to get it.  HEHEHEHEHEH!!!!!  Just another day in the learning curve in the life of a truck driver....during the winter make sure that there is NOTHING that can come into contact with the heater vent in the sleeper!!!  

Makes me feel like a rookie!!!!  LOL   :P

Anyway, now to finish drying out my straps, running into HD to see if they have a fan. Think I'll also work on my outside lights for loading at night.

I'll make another post this evening after Bama beats up on LSU!!  ;)

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