Thursday, April 22, 2021


Hit the road Tuesday morning. And feels good to be rolling along again! Taking my time... which is hard for me to do! Too many years of having to keep up a time my deadline is..."whenever"! LOL!
Sooooo...start late.....end day early! Heheheh! But I do admit, it feels very good!

And being able to stop & look at things that I flew past in prior days is actually very refreshing to me!
If you follow me on Instagram, truckingfrog, then you know about #icaughtfrog2021. If you should see Lily or Frog, take a picture of us, post it & tag us and I'm working on getting stickers to give out! It could become an interesting thing to follow! Feels like a fun possibility! 👍🏻🐸
It's time for b'fast, so have a GREAT DAY, and keep checking back in with us. This is the beginning of 12 months on the road!

C'ya out here!
Frog & Abbie
   🐸         🐶

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