Friday, April 12, 2019

The Beach is Calling!!

Still in Alabama...about another week to go...then look out beach!  I'll be headed to Corpus Christi, TX when I pull out of Gadsden. Can't wait...I have not "done" the beach since about 1972, so maybe I will be happy to be there. Spent quite a few summers at Crystal Beach outside of Galveston when a kid. Actually got tired of maybe it is time!!

I have been spending time just getting Europa ready for getting back on the road, visiting with the g'kids & the kids. And just chillin'! And I've done some driving around Gadsden to see what has and hasn't changed. I will say that the traffic just keeps getting worse each year!

Have also spent time at the "home place" getting a few things done and the yard cleared off just a bit to be ready for the summer growing season...which from the feel of the past few days is close upon us!! 

The weather overall has been good, if you're retired!  LOL!  It has been nice & sunny in the middle of the week...then the rains roll in for the weekends! It's been like that for the whole time I've been here!

That about does it for this update! Just a quiet visit to the good state of Alabama!  My next post will be on the road in about 10 days!

Hope to see you out here!

Frog, Abbie & Snickers

P.S. -  I still have my ebook on Amazon also...

& I have just registered a domain, should have it up and running in a few days. I will have a "Where I Am Page", a Gallery for pics & for videos, and a listing of the things that I will be offering like travel pamphlets about places to see, my book, and now I will also be putting together videos of places that I travel to, so wait for a few days and give it a look!!
AMERICA, You Need To See It!!

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