Thursday, April 25, 2019

Why do I come East of MS River?.....

Let me count the ways!!!   LOL!

Meet the Herd!!  The majority of the cousins all gathered!  As you can see, they are pretty well paired up age wise!
(L to R)
Jude, Willa, Joe, Julia, Addie, Josceline, Sylvia, Jolene, Olivia

It's quite a yard full! It was quite a visit while they were all in one house/yard! Never a dull moment!

Spent my last night in Gadsden "on the river"! It is a nice spot, right under the I-759 by-pass overpasses! Actually quite peaceful, not many bugs, not many people & less than 3/4 of a mile from downtown! If you will look around, you can find the woods...even in our towns! 
I'm several days late getting on the road due to having some tire issues on Europa. Took her into Firestone in Gadsden for a tire rotation...which led to learning several things about her!
First of all, it was interesting getting her up just high enough for the tires to clear!  LOL!  She's rather hefty for a normal shop, plus the points for lifting seem to be quite limited.
When I left to get on the road I suddenly had a bounce on the front end, so back to Gadsden I went. Next morning....found the reason! Europa is heavy on the rear to the point that 10 ply tires can't take the beating! The sidewall had started to separate from the bead at the rim! So 2 new tires later I was ready to hit the road after a good nite's sleep! Now I have to do the research to find some 14 ply tires for the rear! I also found out that three of the rims a 7" wide rims...and the oddball is a 9" wide rim!!  So also on the hunt for a 7" rim!  So if anyone should happen to have a 8 hole heavy duty 7" Dodge rim, give me a holler!!  LOL!  🐸 
I almost forgot to get a pic of my parking spot for the past month. My thanks to my friends Dean & Janice! It was nice visiting with them & having a spot secure to spend the time in Gadsden.

I'm headed to Texas & the Coast for a few weeks now. Padre Island will be on this leg of my 2019 run, so stick around for pics & videos.  And as I'm fond of telling people now..."I have an itinerary, but I don't have a schedule!!

Hope to see you out here here some day soon....OH!....

And keep an eye out for, I will hopefully have my website up and going in the next few weeks!

So for now, Remember.....

"Glorious it is....When wandering time has arrived!"
                             ...Inuit saying

C'ya, Frog, Abbie & Snickers

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