Saturday, March 30, 2019

Friday night in Priceville,AL

Made it into Alabama! Took long enough, HUH!?!?  LOL!  Met up with Tabitha and the girls in Madison, AL. Had a pleasant afternoon, then did "lupper" in Priceville, AL. Ate at "Ay Chihuahua"!  Guess what kind of food?  Heheheh  First time in quite a while that I got a to go box! Excellent food, good service & plenty in the order!
"We" took quite a few breaks on the last two days of driving. You can tell I like being out here on the my grandmother would say..."I can dwaddle with the best of them!!'

 Took a break at the Tenn-Tom Waterway pull-off. Nice break. Room for Abbie to run around. NICE walk all the way down to the overlook!  LOL!

Had the first trashcan I had seen on the Trace in MS. 

Then took another break at the Bear Creek Pull-Off. Was just so nice I had to stop for a few minutes and enjoy the view!

I really am proud of how well the Alabama section of the Trace is kept up! It was just gorgeous!

And then came the end of this part of the 2019 Adventure...well almost the end!  At my last night's stop was still about 190 miles from Gadsden.

Last night was my last night on the Natchez Trace Pkwy. Spent it at the pull-off for Freedom Hills Overlook. It was another pleasant night, very little traffic & a light breeze most of the night. Nice way to spend my last night "in the woods" for several weeks! 
I'm spending the night in the Ay Chihuahua parking lot...and wouldn't you know that they are having a radio remote here AND a "show me your ride & I'll show you mine" meet in the parking lot! Several nice cars here, and quite a few in various stages of restoration.

I'm sitting about 88 miles from Gadsden tonight. Was a decent day of driving...a bit on the windy side. A few sprinkles of rain. Other than that, it was a good day!

So far this run has been 1,023 miles. And my gas tank right now can do another 125 mile, and the gas budget has enough in it to make another 300 miles! So I'm actually tracking right where I had planned on my travel gas budget!

So that's it for today's part of the run! There will be MANY more days to come and many more miles to cover AND lots & lots & lots to see & talk about!

C'ya soon!
(Maybe even see you out here one day!!)

Frog, Abbie & Snickers

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