Thursday, March 28, 2019

South of Tupelo, MS

It was a good days drive! Great weather, sunny, easy breeze...just perfect!  I'm currently about 202 miles from Gadsden. It looks like I'll be getting there on Saturday. Hopefully!  They are also calling for rain starting tomorrow night all the way thru Monday!  Not only that...basically a cold snap, with possible frost/freezing temps also!!  Yippee!!
I did not realize that this is also the time of the year that the dogwood trees are coming into bloom! They were really just getting started with the blossoms on the Trace as I came up it today.

So pretty!  I saw a few magnolias also....but they snuck up on me and I didn't get any pics of them.
I enjoyed the drive, but I was surprised that the "historical pull outs" have for the most part not been updated to be able to handle the size of today's vehicles. Especially for travel trailers and motorhomes!  Even as short overall as Europa and Sidekick are...most of the sites, if I pulled into them, would almost not leave enough room for cars, much less any other RVs.

Did take a break at the Bynum Mounds. Indian mounds and a small "informational" kiosk. Not really much to see, but a good spot to let Abbie out for a while and take a break.

Be that as it may is a very pretty drive with a lot of history behind it! There is a very good Park Service pamphlet for the Trace that has a lot of great info in it and a very useful map of the entire 444 miles of the road!

 And I have been wondering why my sinuses have been acting up sooo for the past few days....well....I saw my answer this afternoon!! I had actually forgotten that this is THE season for the pine trees to start building up their pine cones!!!  LOL!  Break out the extra tissues!!

Sun is down, darkness has settled in, moths flying all over the place, and of course...gnats and june bugs!!!  LOL!  And the traffic has all but disappeared from the road! So looks like it will be a very peaceful night...great for sleep!!!

Tomorrow I'll be in Alabama, at least as far as close to Huntsville. I'll probably spend one more night on the road. I will definitely be putting a piece of tape over the motion sensor for my porch light! The bugs are keeping it on and boy do they swarm towards it!

Stay tuned for more from the road, Frog's 2019 Adventure continues!!

Frog, Abbie & Snickers


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