Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Storms just keep on coming!

Just a quick note.....

Have had several ask if we were in the middle of all the storms that have been coming thru North/NorthCentral Texas....and the answer is....


We have gotten hit with a LOT of rain, lot of rain! And some pretty high winds...but have not sustained any damage from it. For some reason, where we are here seems to be in a "safe spot". When the storms come in, even when they seem to be directly headed for us...they seem to just  bend either south or north and just give us a glancing blow!!

Love it!

This coming Sunday is my "official" day of case I had not mentioned it!!!!  Heheheheheh!  At 6pm!!

Will still be headed north to Sunny Gulch for the summer!

So stick around and keep checking in for the further adventures of Frog, Abbiegail and Snickers!!!

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