Friday, May 13, 2016

241 To GO!!

Working on getting to Sunny! And we're making progress...slow as it might be!  LOL!  Bertha is having a rough time getting there. She still has the very deep charging issue, so needless to say, that has slowed down progress quite a bit. As it stands, we drive for 30-40 minutes, then we take a "charging break" of 1-2 hours to get the battery up to full (or very close to full), then we roll hell bent for leather for another 30-40 minutes, then repeat as needed!!!!  LOL! I'm thinking that this just might end up being Bertha's retirement run!! She just might have to stay in Idaho this coming fall! 

I was at the Flying J on I-15 just south of Pocatello last night. Was a good nights sleep. I've "moved" Abbie to my chair for the her bed...which gives me a lot more room. She is not real happy with the change, but she is dealing pretty well with it!  LOL!

Right now I'm adding a couple of hours more charge on the battery before heading out for the day. Have 241 miles to go to Sunny. Yesterday I covered 140+ miles in one day, so if I can get far today, I'll be close to the Hwy 75 cutoff when I park tonight, which means most of the day tomorrow I'll be in the gorge on 75 headed for the camp. Once I make the left turn onto 75, should be about 58 miles from Sunny's gate!!! Can't wait!!!

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