Sunday, April 24, 2016

12 Days to "Outta Here"!! LOL!

I have waited to long to update this! So here is a short upate....


I have 4 more shifts to pull for the security work, then take about 5 days to pack up and store-up things....and then headed for Idaho! I have to swing open up the gates for Sunny on May 20....and want to be able to take my time getting up there. So leaving on the 7th of May, take 8-9 days to get up there...that will give me 4-5 days to get the campgrounds ready (or at least on the way to being ready) for my campers.

Then I'm in my little piece of heaven for 4.5 months! Can't wait!

And as of May 1, 6pm...I am considering myself competely retired!  Just going to spend my time getting around to see the kids and grandkids, trying to do my video shoots of places for "America, have you seen it" project....and just trying to relax for the first time in....oh, I guess 49 years!!!

I've got a FaceBook page up for "Sunny Gulch Campground", one for "America, have you seen it?", a "" project for the "America, have you seen it" set up (and hopefully folks will want to be a part of that project)....and otherwise....I will be on the road for 7 months out of 12 each year from here on out!!

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