Sunday, April 10, 2016

28 Days....And Counting!

Well, folks, we are down to about 29 days until I head back up to Idaho! And I can hardly wait!  I've had just about all I can stand of "the big city life"! Being away from the mountains and the outdoors for close to 7 months makes you really appreciate the grace of the outdoors! 

This is a picture of the old courthouse in downtown Fort Worth. Taken as I was headed home after a night on site doing my security job. It is a gorgeous old building. Just wanted to show it off and let you know that I still have the "Go Fund Me" project going for my hope to start traveling the back roads of the U.S. & finding places that have "fallen by the wayside" as our daily pace of living has gained speed! I've worked this winter on getting used to living on a "fixed income"....and that can be a challenge!  But I'm getting a grip on it!

As I've said...I go to Idaho each summer now, and plan on it for the next several years. But during the "off season", I am planning on making my travels to areas that have been passed up with all the new highways. For example, on this last run to Alabama, I found "Grant's Canal". It is literally on the side of I-20 as you approach the MS River bridge right before crossing over from LA into Vicksburg, MS. It is an actual part of the Battle Field Park group in the Vicksburg area. Over all the years that I have driven that road, I had never noticed it before!  Looked it up online & learned about something that I had never read about before in any of the Civil War books that I have read!

So, as I do my Travels, I plan on doing as many updates as needed to keep this blog up to date with all I find. And I'm also going to, hopefully, start a YouTube channel and also make "Video podcasts" of these places that I find. And for those that join in for the experience of helping me to reach these places, I'll be making DVDs of all that I do every few months and sending a copy of the DVD to them each.  Plus on the DVD I'm planning of including "Video directions" to these places and things to see and places to stay around each spot that I find.

Something that I just thought about...these projects will also be turning into a blow-by-blow account of "Full-time RVing"....which is what I have been doing for the past 2 years already!
It is a grand lifestyle of you are cut out for it! But I'll get into that more later.  And I'm beginning to put together a "cookbook" of one pot meals.  Not fancy, but so far,  they have tasted pretty good!

I've also learned and have become a fairly good miser of water.  You can live & live well AND stay clean using a whole lot less water than you would think. And water is going to become more and more critical as time goes by and we keep adding to our population. We're almost too late to start conserving water.... but hopefully it's not to late!

I've been sitting here thinking about the past 2 years.... and it has dawned on me that what I'm currently doing and the direction I'm headed, I've spent the last 35 years headed for where I'm almost at!!  :-) There have been a lot of ups & downs, but I've basically weathered it and .... here I on 6 Wheels with a chihuahua and the chihuahua's cat!! What more could I ask!!??!!??!!  For folks that can't get there from where they are but want to see what is out there on the backroads and byways that we have bypassed with our "Modern" society to join with me on the adventure!

If you would like to help fund this project, just go to ....

Or drop me an email & I can let you know more about what I have in mind (with what mind I have left!!! )

And if you have places that you have always wanted to find out about, and haven't been able to, or just can't get there....let me know! I'm open for ideas on places that would be prime to visit and document!

Guess that about covers it for now....More to come soon!

And don't can always come visit me at Sunny Gulch Campground, In the Sawtooth National Wilderness/Recreation Area, Near Stanley, ID!!!


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