Friday, March 18, 2016

7 Weeks To Go!

Seven weeks to go and it will be time to head back up to Sunny Gulch! And I can't wait! Need to get back into the mountains!

The washing machine/spin dryer that I have wanted to get for the past 18 months....I have finally gotten! When I first looked at them they were running $329 +++....way out of my price range. A couple of weeks ago I started looking at machines again, and I came upon a online store that had them for $97.97! And free delivery! 100% positive feedback and very good reviews on the machine. So I ordered on and it came a couple of days ago.

And I'm impressed! The user manual leaves a bit (well, it leaves a lot!) to be desired...but it gives enough info to get started....and boy does it work well! It will take several more loads to get the hang of just how much of each type of clothing it can handle per load....but just did almost a week's worth of clothes. And after they go thru the spin dryer, they are probably about 80-85% hang drying will not take a massive amount of time!

Next week I'll be ordering the shocks, coil springs for the frontend of Bertha. And getting a pair of leaf spring "enhancers" (they add about 1/2 ton of capacity) for the rear leaf springs. Also trying to work out how to redo the charging system on the engine part of Bertha. I have to get her charging before I head out of here....or I'll have to do the solar panel thing to get back up to Sunny. Not exactly the way that I like to make trips...but it will get me up there and then I'll have the summer to work on it some more! But would rather get it working while I'm down here.

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