Wednesday, June 24, 2015

And Summer is Here!!

It has been 5 weeks since I have arrived here in Sunny Gulch, and it appears that the rainy season is over! It has been dry now for over 10 days, and the "very" bright green grass is beginning to lighten up in color and some of the plants are starting to get that brown color that is so familiar in the high desert areas. 

The one thing here that is a little different from regular desert is that we are having almost 50 degree swings from the highs to the lows each day! It was 36 this morning, and they are calling for 84 as the high. Which is better than Boise, Sunday they are calling for the temps there to be over 100!  So I will definitely be up here in the Sawtooths for the summers for the foreseeable future!

So far I have had a very good group of campers here...overall. You always have that 10%...and here it has been about 1% of people that no matter what they will find something that they can complain about!

I'll have a bunch of pics to post the next time that I go into the library in Stanley. I've had deer in the front yard several mornings, still seeing the bald eagles circling around a couple of times each week, and of course the Sawtooths! It is amazing just how different a shot you can get depending on the light each day at the different times!

Abbie has made a pretty good transition to "camping dog" since we have gotten here. I found the 15' tie out lead finally today and have her tethered to the cook table out here. She just wanders around for a while, then lies down for a while, then wanders some more, then sits and watches the little critters...then just lies down and enjoys the outdoors! Or at least she looks like she is enjoying it!  LOL  I'm considering putting some wire between two trees over the tent pad and making it like a run for her to give her more "freedom" to run around some.

6/27/2015...a quick update on "summer"!

It is 2pm here and the high for the day is calling for 95 today and 97 tomorrow! And to think I left Texas in the belief that I would leave this kind of heat behind!!  But at least when you move into the shade it feels about 15 degrees cooler!  Even the locals call this "high desert"! We haven't had a drop of rain in 2 weeks now, and the bright green is starting to turn into brown.

And the wedding rehearsal dinner yesterday....I got to have bison summer sausage, 2 styles of grilled moose sausage and fresh grilled halibut!  It was awesome!

Then today one of my campers brought me a freshly baked loaf of sourdough bread baked by one of their neighbors!! 

Yesterday I had a vine ripe tomatoe dropped off by one of them, and another one came back and brought me a large cup of shrimp coctail (Mexican style) with grilled steak and chorizo and rice! 

They are really making my diet hard to stick by! But, oh my goodness, is it all good!!!  :-)

That does it for now...1 more campsite to go and I am full for the 4th night in a row. And it is so nice when I'm full...there is just play time and visit time and work on Bertha time!!

C'ya later!!

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