Friday, July 26, 2013

Carlsbad here we come!

Got unloaded yesterday afternoon around 2pm,and neat the Folsom HS football field. They are re-working the field and track, and the base is this chipped/ground up tire rubber.  They were "sewing" on the turf when I got there. The field is going to be blue with red end zones. Oh, for the days of grass,  dirt and mud!!  Then had lunch and waited for an hour or so for Erin to find a load.  She came up with one from Stockton, Ca to Carlsbad, NM.  Was a tight run but made it to the loadout factory before 5pm their time!  And what a load!  Have 6-7 10" pipes 50' long, a bundle about 35' long and a small pallet of parts.....totalling about 6,000 pounds!  Gotta love it!  1,300 miles and don't have to be there until Monday morning!   Slow peaceful run. Made it to just south of Fresno last nite and called it quits for the day. Pulled off for a WallyWorld and found an old truckstop here that has been torn down, but the parking lot still had a good nite's sleep.  And where I loaded out from I saw in real life what I have only seen pics of....a Chevy Corvair Lakewood station Wagon!   And it is all there, would love to be able to restore one like it!  Just got off phone with Allene, going to take her & Elaine out for dinner tomorrow evening when she is done with students 

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