Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Rolling Apartment Basically Done! :)

Well, I have finally gotten my rolling apartment basically done!!  It  is still just a tad messy, have a few things that I need to get out of here, BUT, I am settled in for the long haul!!

This is the my Living Room/Dining area/Kitchen/Office!    Takes me about 30 seconds to drop the table down, move cushions, get bed linens from overhead bunk and have my bed set up for the night. In the mornings, takes about 1 minute to hide my bedroom and have this back up  and functioning!  :) The little Styrofoam ice chest will be strapped on my catwalk, I use it when I have to defrost my fridge.

Below is my closet and part of my pantry. My toaster oven is buried right now, but will in the open fairly soon!

Below is my passenger you can tell, no passengers!!  This is my "storage area".  The storage boxes are my "office desk drawer" on the bottom and the top is for socks and other useful items of clothing!!  ;)  I keep my water in the floor and my gallons are stored on the other side of the seat by the door. Keep 2 cases in the floor and 3-5 gallons by the door. Believe it or not, I go thru the 2 cases and 3-4 gallons each week.  :)

 This is the kitchen. Microwave works like a champ, and the two drawers are my pantry and utensils storage. Overhead is more pantry, mostly food stuff.

My little fridge does a good job and has improved my eating habits by leaps and bounds!!

And below is my office!!  Complete with stereo, CB, satellite radio, phone, GPS's and the ever present coffee mug and ashtray!

And almost forgot, you can see the curtain running around the front of the cab...this closes me in, so the whole cabin is home at night. And the driver seat swivels, so quite often I turn it around and use it as an easy chair for TV and relaxing.

So you have now had a tour of my rolling Office/Japanese Mobile Apartment!!  And it is big enough that when Abbie gets cabin fever during the day she can run laps around in here.  This is where I spend my days and nights....and love it!!  :D  

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