Friday, March 10, 2017

A Peaceful Sunday!!

Today was laundry day, and drive around Charlotte day!!  Got all my laundry done, so that "task" is done for 10-14 days! I hate doing laundry, but can't afford to buy new clothes each week!! But I found a really nice & clean Laundromat about a 15 minute drive from the site. And since I had to go that was also a good reason to make the drive along the back roads and housing areas along the way and have another look at a different part of Charlotte.

 I didn't get any pics of the houses, but as usual, if there is "unoccupied" ground around here, there are apartments! And I mean everywhere around here....
 These apartments are headed into the downtown part of Charlotte, and I really was amazed to find so many buildings that have been fairly recently built in the fashion of the older buildings in the areas. But they are still apartments!
But I am also kind of amazed, still, even with all the traveling that I get to do, and all the different cities that I have traveled through, the majority of the apartment complexes looking amazingly the same, overall!! Even the ones that are going up where I am will, in general, have the same appearance of these above and below! I just really have a hard time understanding how they can all look so similar, and yet as I talk to people, they see so much variation in all these complexes! I just can't see it!!

And as I wandered through the city on my way back to the house...I passed the stadium for the Panthers. It is quite a site...I have to admit that it is a very nice looking building, "Bank Of America Stadium"...but Carolina Panther stuff all over the place!

This post was supposed to go up this past Sunday!  Oooppppssss!  I apparently never hit the publish button!  Sorry!  

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