Monday, August 15, 2016

Still Smokey..but Good Days Also!

It has been a long couple of weeks. The big fire ( the Pioneer Fire in the Boise Nat'l Forest) is still burning...and burning quite well!  It is up to 71,000+ acres. Needless to say, we have had our share of smoke and ash here. And we are still 30-40 miles away from the main body of the fire.

Over the past week, I have had several campers cut their stays here short due to the amount of smoke in the air and it making them uncomfortable, and even have breathing issues, due to the amount of it that comes in every evening.

AND...I'm down to about 4 weeks and I will be done for the season, probably. I have not even been half full at least 4 out of seven nights for the past two weeks. That really is telling that the season is basically over.  Schools are starting all over Idaho during the next two weeks, so folks are not coming out, time to get ready for the new school year!

And I've about reached my limit for social interaction for the year!  LOL!  I'm ready for some time of personal introvert activity deep in the woods!!!  Heheheheh!  And I'm in the perfect part of the county to do just that!!! Before the winter snows settle in for the winter! I'm not in the frame of mind to endure -45 degrees any longer!!

That about brings me up to current with what is happening here in Idaho!  I'll try to do an update later this week again!  :-)   C'ya!!

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