Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Smokey Weekend at Sunny Gulch!

(Note....This update was supposed to supersede the earlier update made today! Gotta love technology!!!)

Hi started as a really nice weekend yesterday....and then.....the smoke started rolling in from the fires in Boise Nat'l & Idaho City. The Sawtooths have "disappeared" several times in the past 24 hours!  In fact, they are gone now as I type! The wind changed again and the mountains disappeared in about 5 hours!  And there is also ash falling again. So it is becoming rather not so fun being outside. Which I hate for my campers!  But that is what happens when you are in the "wild forest"!!

It has also be in the high 80's to 90 for the past week! Which up here is HOT!!! But there is supposed to be a "cold" front moving thru the next couple of days, so I'm hoping that it will cool off quite a bit!!  I come north to get away from the high heat of the southern areas!

Besides that, I am still throwing away stuff and selling stuff. As I think I mentioned before, Bertha has stage four wiring harness cancer and she will very possibly not be leaving Idaho this year!  I'm starting to save up to replace her in the spring. Will be spending time in TX, AL, MI & WI this winter. Might work a bit.  But mainly getting ready to start my "wanderings" this next year! Want to get on the road and start working on my "video blogs" about the little places in the USA that today's fast pace of life passes by each day.

Even as busy as it has been here in Sunny, I still have quite a bit of time to slowly go thru stuff and decide what is NOT needed for my lifestyle, and I am really thinning out my posessions here in Bertha. I'll be headed south with a short U-Haul trailer (if Bertha stays up here), and being up here so far from any major stores or population centers & being where getting something delivered is not always so easy.  So, even after all these years of my saying that material things were not very important to me....I'm getting the chance to actually follow thru on that way of thinking and living!

So stay tuned for the continuing saga of "The Truckingfrog's Navigation thru Retirement"!!

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