Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pioneer Fire slowing camping

The Pioneer Fire, which has grown to 48,000+ acres, is slowing down the camping here in the SNRA. Yesterday the smoke was not as bad as it was on Sunday and Monday. But it still rolled in during the afternoon. I have not been full for 3 nights now, and it is not looking real good for the weekend. And I don't blame the campers. You can smell the smoke, and the ash is rough on folks that have any breathing issues. Probably not too good for any of us when you think about it!  LOL!  The Forest Service daily post about the fire is calling for total containment date of 15 September. So that is close to the time of the season that we either close down or are close to closing down for the season. So most likely it will put a dent in the number of campers that I have for the rest of the season. :(

But I'm still clearing out stuff and thinning out what I carry around with me. But downsizing is really easy once you get over the initial shock of throwing out stuff! And when you get honest with yourself about what you actually need and use on a daily or weekly basis, the number and quality of things that you have in your "collection" of needed living items, and what is actually necessary for daily is truly amazing how little we actually have to have to survive!!

It is about time for my morning rounds here in Sunny Gulch...the first of several "rounds" I do each day. I have had mostily quiet and  easy campers this summer, which has overall made it a pleasant summer. Just have those few that really have no need to be out here in the woods!

I'll add a couple of pics to this update when I go into town and have better connection! Hope everyone is doing well, and I'll have more to add later!

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