Thursday, June 9, 2016

Getting Warm in the Mountains!

It has actually been in the 90's here in the Sawtooths for the past couple of days!  And we had a bit of rain also. But today is cooling down, Hi in the 70's, and supposed to stay cool thru the weekend.

I have still not really had hardly any campers. This season is just getting off to- a very slow start. But my reservations are full this weekend, and 90% full from there out until August 15th (more or less)!

Due to the temps, the snow melt and rain have really caused the lakes and the river to have risen a lot!  And the water is a little muddy looking, even my well water is cloudy!

Compared to last year, the snow pack was awesome from this past winter!

The pic above is from last year.....(the date on the pic is a month off, so that is "my mtns" about 1 yr ago).

This was this morning! There is still a ton of snowpack up there!

'But with the warm days we have been having, the Salmon River here is roaring, and up about a foot and a half. The lakes are even higher right now!

But I'm in my all is well with life!!

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