Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Forecast Changes Every 12 Hours!!

I'm sitting in Stanley at the Mountain Village Saloon having coffee with Kevin, online catching up and updating and getting ready for the "Father's Day Crush"...which is not going to happen if it keeps going on like it has been!  Right now I only have about 7 campers in Sunny right now. It has been a really slow start to the camping season here! But the weather has not helped a whole lot!

Right now it is 40 here, and so far today it has rained, sleeted and snow showered!  Low tonight is supposed to be 29! It is forecast to warm up Monday and Tuesday.  But it is looking like for the weekend it is not going to be nice up here. So that might keep the number of folks that come up here to a minimum. At least, that is basically what I'm hoping!  LOL!

Besides that, everything is rolling along just fine here. I'm happy to be back in "Idahome" for the summer! I'm loving it, as usual! 

And a footnote....Snickers is getting a little more settled each day! Almost acting like a cat!!!

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