Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Slow SZtart at Sunny Gulch

Been a couple of weeks since I had a chance to update here. Opened the gates at Sunny Gulch on 20 May.  Up thru Memorial Day Weekend, I've only had about 33 campers!  But have about 11 in here now ( June 4).  It has just been a strange start to a camping season! The Redfish Lake campgrounds are all full, so I'm not complaining about the peace over here!

The weather has been just glorious! A little chilly at nite, but very nice during the days.  Today actually hit 82 degrees. But at nite we're dropping down into the low 40's & upper 30's. Perfect camping weather!

Went into town for lunch today. Kevin came in from Mormon Bend & met me at Papa Brunee's. Had a Stanley Cheesesteak Pizza! Oh how I love them! Got a small...and it will feed me for two more meals.  And Idahome is really good for me also! Been here for 21 days &- have dropped 7 lbs already! Which has also dropped my BP by about 30 points! So maybe I've found my "fountain of youth"!!!  LOL!

I'm beginning to start shooting video & stills of Sunny & the area.  And Ill be starting to work on a cople of video podcasts in a week or so.  Once I figure oujt where to post them & get them on here also.

Guess that about covers things for now.  Abbie & Snickers are doing well here in the mountains. I'm working with Snickers now to get her used to walking on a lead. It is rather slow going! LOL!  But we'll get there!

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