Friday, March 4, 2016

8 Weeks to Go!

Things here in Texas are just rolling along. Have finally gotten a young man to work with me doing the security work and that is going to allow me to have time off to work on Bertha and get ready for the run to Idaho. It took about 4-5 weeks for find someone...people just don't want to work anymore! I guess I should have not been surprised.....but I was! And still are surprised that people just really think that sitting on your butt and watching an area, being able to read, watch movies, listen to the all actuality just sit is really worth more than $10/hour!  Dang!

Anyway, weather here has been just fabulous! Spring seems to basically arrived in North Texas! Have some rain coming in a few days, and the wind has been pretty strong the past week of so...but it has been really nice most of the time!

Got new tires for Sidekick yesterday...amazing the difference in the ride!  And boy did it help the handling!  LOL!

Time to get back to cleaning and getting ready to paint the inside of Bertha over the next couple of days. :-)

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