Friday, December 11, 2015

HMMMMM.....Oil is DOWN....Again!?

Hey kids, just had to take a moment to get on here and update a little bit!

Still doing the "deliver food" gig!  And actually still loving it. Have to keep reminding myself that the company is young...growing....learning....and using LOTS of young folks!!!  So it has and is a very good way for me to work on my "patience quotient"!!!  Heheheh! 

I'm almost done with Christmas shopping...first year in a bunch of years that I have actually do it that I am wearing out Lakeside Collection and Amazon...both online....and they deliver!!!  LOL!

I'm also deep into keeping up with the oil prices....and it doesn't look except for us end users. The price of crude Brent opened today under $37....that's not a good thing. And just read an article dealing with how "supply" numbers are about to take a very big beating ( ) and an "open letter" that everybody should maybe think about the issues the the O&G field has to deal with every day to meet "our needs/wants" ( ).

Folks, we all need to decide what we are going to leave for our grand and great-grand children....where are you in this thought process????

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