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Friday, July 10, 2015

Amazingly Quiet Week!!

It has been an amazingly quiet week here! I had expected to be full by today, and I'm not even half full and have campers leaving today. And the reason is probably the weather and the next 7 day forcast....every day is calling for "chance of storms/thunderstorms". But I'm not complaining!  It is overcast, breezy and 59* here right now. It is grand!


And I've had a great bunch of campers here all week. It has been peaceful and quiet. There a a number of kids here, and they are wearing out their bikes running around here! It has been great!

I have a wedding group camping with me for the weekend. They are having their rehearsal dinner here at the pavilion this evening, getting married tomorrow, and leaving Sunday. So tonight I will be having pulled pork b-b-q for supper!  B-)  And they have been a blast!

I have thrown out some more stuff that I have no need for, so space is getting better in here. But there is still a ways to go getting myself totally settled into my rolling tiny house! And there are still things that will go out the door in the coming days! But it is getting better each day!

I'll be redoing my bed again today. One of my campers that was in here last week left me a large sheet of the egg crate type foam padding, so it will be going into my sleeping/sofa bed....should make sleeping a bit better.

Had John over for pancakes the other evening, and the mix worked very well. In fact, the pancakes came out just great. Did up one of my rice concoctions yesterday while I had the generator running. That fed me yesterday and will probably feed me today and tomorrow.

I got a suprise yesterday....a Winnebago trailer came into the camp! I had not even known that Winnebago was building trailers! The gentleman told me that they had bought a trailer company about 2-3 years ago and were turning out a small line of them now. John told me that he had seen them in red, blue, green, orange, brown, etc. The couple invited me to come over later today and have a looksey inside of it. Can't wait to see how the inside is, the craftmanship of it!

Still working on Bertha. I now have a two burner stove "mounted" on the stove in here thanks to Tom & Joy. So I'm able to cook inside now, which makes it nice. And the stove seems to use propane slower than the little one burner that I had been using!

That about covers it for today. I'll get myself back to work on a little more straightening inside Bertha for the day. And I'll have some more pics to upload in a day or two. Have a "care package" that is supposed to be here today from Josh. We'll see if the P.O. keeps up to day with "fast delivery"!!

Later!!  :-)

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