Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Great Week!

It has been another fine week up here in the Idaho Sawtooths! The weather, overall has been outstanding!  I was able to have a couple of fires and enjoy being up here in these beautiful mountains! I just hope I will be able to share this place in person with some of you in the coming years!

Had a neat group here.... (l to r) Bob, Joel, Karen (the b'day girl!) & Stephanie. They were a great group and always had a smile on their faces...even in the mornings...when it has been very nice and cool!

This is the 3rd or 4th van that is set up as a small camper by a company out of Utah that had this small awning mounted over the side sliding door. I had to get a pic of the company name of the awning so that I can check out their site. It is light and small and perfect for adding to Bertha. Going to check this week and see just what they have to offer. I think this will be the best solution for me to add to Bertha for additional shade.

I had a camper that his trailer wire had gotten pulled into the receiver on the trailer and it had "eaten" 4 of the wires. l broke out my electrical kit and went to work on his wires. Got it all pieced  back together and still didn't have have brake or turn signals on the trailer!?!?!?  Soooo....started looking thru the owners manual, and in today's vehicles, apparently, they have wired in a separate circuit for the trailer lights (so you don't have to add a box like I had to on the Sprinter), and it is fused right in the main fuse panel. So when it shorted out, it blew the two fuses for the signals/brakes...got new fuses and he was good to go!  They just had to do something for me....so....as you can see in the pic....I have chips to last me for the next month or so!!!  LOL!  I love my campers!!!  :-)

It is a beautiful morning here again! Clear skies and great temperatures! I couldn't ask for a better office!!!  And I am having the time of my life when you get right down to it! The only "hard" part to this "job" is keeping the toilets cleaned up and the ladies with plenty of toilet tissue!  LOL!  The rest of the time it is more play than work....and what a work place!!

If you look close at Bertha below, you will see that thin brown wire...my "FM antenna"!  I finally thought about putting one up for my classic SW radio and now I have almost crystal clear reception....even when both inverters are up and going! So I am a happy camper!!  LOL!

This is Carolina & Karre (pronounced Core) from Denmark! They are a cool couple! Had them over for dinner on their last night here. I enjoyed them here and look forward to having them back!

This about brings you up to date with Sunny Gulch and The Frog!  I've got 2 more months here, should be leaving around the 30th of September. Plan on taking 2 weeks to make it back to Texas.  Not sure just what exactly where or what I'll be doing this winter, but I will be "south" where it is warmer!

Take care and have a great week!!!

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