Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Quiet Saturday! And Monday Too!

This has been a VERYquiet Saturday here in Sunny Gulch! In fact, it is almost as quiet as when I first got here! And I needed the break. It has been crazy for the past week!

Above is the view from behind my Day Use Pavilion at Sunny. It looks different each time I go to look at it, depending on the time of day and the "cloud" issue!!  :-)

And when you look around the campground, depending on where you stand, it is sometimes difficult to tell that you are even in a campground! It can really have the feel that you are out in the middle of the wilderness without a soul around for miles and miles...those are the times when this "job" is well worth the time here and the times I have to put on my "Daddy" hat to keep things in order with some of the "weekend warrior campers"....
....but early morning and late evening when it is basically silent....that is when it is worth it!
I just like the pine tree just stands at the edge of the "gorge" down to the a timeless sentinel watching over the river and keeping it in its place!!

The family below were great campers....from Costa Rica!  Heather & Andy and their son Ryder ( & Tiger!).  They were here for several days, Heather's family used to come to the Sunny Gulch area in the summers and they are carrying on the tradition.  Andy works from home (wherever that happens to be) which is why they are able to live in Costa Rica.

Meet the "re-newlyweds"....Tom and Leann...they were here this past weekend for a wedding....theirs!!  Had a great time with them, and the weather was kind and rained a lot right up to their wedding time...and cleared up for the ceremony! Congrats to them!!  :-)  

As I keep saying, I'm working steadily on Bertha! It might still look like a "mess"....but if you have/had seen the insides in months past....this is a major improvement!  I'm still getting rid of things that I don't use or need any it is starting to actually look like a "home" on the inside! 

My little nest of blue birds!!  I had tried to get a pic of them before they flew the coop....but, alas...I was a day or two late!  But I did get this shot of the nest full of fledglings!

I hope you guys don't get too tired of seeing "my mountains" here...but each day and each different light gives a different view of them.  This shot was on Sunday, a couple of hours afternoon after our morning full of good old southern style thunderstorms!! 

And my children are getting more and more attached to each other!  Keeping a hand on her buddy, Snickers and Abbiegail catch a nap between wrestling bouts!!

Everyone have a great week and stay safe! I'll have more to post as the week goes along. There is a big Arts & Crafts show this coming weekend in Stanley, and they say that it will be packed and crazy around here...we shall see!!!

Take care til later!  C'ya!!

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