Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mobile Mentality Again!!

Well, Bertha has moved for the first time in 2+ months....and she didn't fall apart!  But I had forgotten just how cold natured Mopar products were. 70 degrees outside and you would think it was below freezing!!  LOL  But, nothing fell (even if I did run over a few pots of monkey grass that I didn't see!!) and with a little power steering leak I had forgotten about, now to see just how well she does in the engine cooling area! 

 After sitting here for so long it feels like starting all over again with her!
I'm about to eat a little something, then take a nice hot shower, then take the car over across the street first, then move Bertha.  So bedtime tonight will be late, but it is on the top of a hill (even if I will be behind a building) so should have a fair breeze.

More to come later....probably tomorrow. I will be tackling the alternator in the morning to see if I can get her charging like she's supposed to be!

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