Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!! Possibly!!!..Hmmmmm

Well, a new year has come and is now This of 1/1/2015 00:01am.  And there are 364 more days and then there will be another New Year to look into....for a full :60 seconds!  Then THAT one will be THIS year also!!

But how did the past/old year go??? For me it was interesting...I went from an Independent Owner/Operator Truck Owner to a Contract Security person. Went from being in a different place every night to being in one place for 6+ months at a whack. Went from walking like a normal person to walking a lot like Walter Brennon! I'm now up to 6 grandkids! And one Chihuahua! (Lord knows I never expected to have a chihuahua with me as my "dog"!!)  When I let my hair grow out a little bit between is a lot grayer (or should I say it is a lot whiter!!). 

Overall, the past year was full of changes, "learnings" & also a lot of the "sameness" of life. 

What do I expect for the next year....a lot of changes, more "learnings" & also a lot of the "sameness" of life!!

And that is the beauty of it all! Things change every day, we need to learn something every day (no matter how big or small, grand or trivial it is) and be prepared for the same things to happen in the coming year that happened in the year gone by.

The one thing that I look forward to is being able to grow a little more in wisdom/knowledge and hopefully a bit more in the area of experience.....and that experience is the experience of living each day to the fullest that I can live it. It might not seem "full" to me at the time, but when I look back on it....hopefully every day will offer "a something" new in my experience of life on this little blue marble in the middle of this the middle of whatever it is that lies above our heads!

I'm sure that there are many things that I can learn, experience and gain some sort of wisdom from in the coming days....I just hope and pray that I have the common sense to see those things when they are presented to me in whatever form they happen to be packaged in. Because if there IS one thing that I have learned over the past year or so, it is that we never, Never, NEVER know just where that next learning/experiencing/"wisdom-ful" thing is going to come from for us to broaden ourselves on/with!

Soooo,,,,,,so long, good-bye, good riddance 2014......Hi, Hello, Welcome, Howdy 2015!  May you be the same as last year and may you be so much more than last year....and may I have the common sense to see what all you offer me in the next 364 days!! 

Signed........A Traveler Thru The Year!!!   ;-)

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