Saturday, January 10, 2015

10 Days into the New Year!!

It is 10 days into the New Year....and it fits just like the "Old Year"! You would think a new year would feel different....but the clock still has 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a, like so all times in the continues on!

It has been quiet and a temperature roller coaster here for the past couple of weeks. We are having temp shifts of up to 30 degrees. And that make life for the sinuses very interesting! And I apparently have "regained" one of my allergies from the distant past...the one that had to do with the cedar trees in this part of Texas! I was miserable for a couple of weeks when the cedar count was bouncing between 800-1350! I thought my face was going to explode! But it has settled down and life continues on!

I have a new resident in my tiny house...and she is named "Snickers"! And I do believe that she will eventually get settled in.... be be a difficult transition for her, but I think we will weather it!!!  Heheheh

The one major improvement on my location here is the fact that I am also now on "hard power" out of the office more diesel fuel issues!!! It is so nice to not have to worry about turning the generator off for several hours each night to make sure that there was enough fuel to last for the 7 days between fuel ups!!

It has been raining/drizzling here for the past 2 days...we were under a Winter Storm Advisory for the past 24 some sleet and ice....then tonight got a little more and, on top of that, a little thunder and lightening! So this has been a really fun "cold front"! 

I just got done watching 2 very good football games! Playoffs....with one more to go tomorrow....Cowboys vs Packers...."Ice Bowl 2"....they have not met in a playoff since the last 1967!  So this should be a good game. The Packers took the last one...let's see what the Cowboys have for this one!!

Well, it is time for another round here to make sure that the earth hasn't moved a little bit in the past hour or so! It is usually very quiet here at night, especially when the weather is like this. There is just nothing going on here! Which if really nice, as far as I'm concerned!!  :) 

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