Sunday, October 12, 2014

More Concrete, Please, Sir!!

Well, this past Wednesday 4am again....they came in and poured the West side of the road, the curve around back. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel as far as them getting the complete roadway paved. Because once they get it done, I will be able to drive all the way around the site and not worry about MUD!!!!!

I'm getting my "Tiny House" set up a little more each week, too!  Still throwing stuff out and figuring out the storage, but it is getting there. I almost feel like I have really gotten settled into my new "life"!  And you know what????.....I'm learning to enjoy it more every day!!  :-)

There's not really much else to add.....OH.....except that I went and bought several new pairs of shoes yesterday. My right foot has gone from a 10 1/2 to a 12-14 shoe size! Brother! My ankle seems to have settled for the time being in the shape that it is in and it looks like that if I am back to 80% of normal by this time next year I will be very happy!  It is just amazing how long it takes me to heal nowadays!!  LOL

Have a great week, folks. And I will keep trying to update a little more often!!  :-)

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